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 by Admin
2013-09-30 13:19:49

Please note that the above tournament has been cancelled.

 by Admin
2013-09-26 13:58:02

 by Admin
2013-09-11 10:03:32

We got back Monday evening and report that the tournament was a huge success. The organisation by FIPS-M, the local representation and handling of the tournament by Thon Club de la Grand’ Bouche & Gerard Cavolino and team, the spirit, the camaraderie of all the teams, the boats, the fishing, the food, the wine and massive hospitality from the fishing community of Port St Louis du Rhone!

The event was huge for Port St Louis, and the village basically shut down to accommodate the World Champs.

We (Myself, Nick & Steve) fished brilliantly as a team, represented our country with honour and flew the flag with gusto everyday – first there each morning and last to leave!

We placed 10th overall with the local guys that fish Blue Fin regularly taking the medals – Spain 1st, Italy 2nd & France 3rd.

Thank you SADSAA for affording us this wonderful opportunity!


Martin du Plessis

 by Admin
2013-08-18 09:17:59


Wynand Wiering (captain)
Anton Lingerfelder
Jaco Lingerfelder



Neil Coetzer (captain)
George Crane
Frank Sykes


Friedel Kirstein (captain)
Tig Andrin
Japie Kleinhands


Frans van Zyl (captain)
Wayne Huddleston
Johan van vuuren


Handro Swart (captain)
Danie Visser
Johan Lange


Team One

Jan Joubert (captain)
Herman Olivier
Chris Rothmann

 Team Two

John Josling (captain) 0833002959 h 035 7531646

Kobus Sutherland 0825643225 h 034 4132169

Johan Wasserman 0827893400



Jaco Lingerfelder (captain) 0825371597

Tig Andrin 0823885301 H 032 5254237

Japie  Kleinhans 0825532234 H 013 6902944

 by Admin
2013-08-15 09:32:04

Press release on appeal hearing: 

 by Admin
2013-08-15 05:39:18

Democratic Alliance press statement by
Pieter van Dalen MP
DA Shadow Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Knysna Oil spill: Tina Joemat-Pettersson must break the silence

13 August 2013
Release: immediate

Fisheries Minister, Tina Joemat-Pettersson must break the silence over the looming ecological disaster as a result of the recent oil spill along the Knysna coastline. 
This week, a cargo ship, the Kiani Satu ran aground carrying 330 tons of heavy oil and 150 000 tons of rice. I have been reliably informed that 70 tons of that oil have already spilled into the ocean, and is drifting further into the ocean. Discussions are underway for the rice to be thrown overboard.

Minister Joemat-Petterson’s department is responsible for managing South Africa’s six Environmental Protection Vessels, which are to be used in the event of when the safety of the country’s coastlines is compromised, including, oil spills. These are the only vessels in South Africa with a mechanism to prevent oil from drifting further into ocean during an oil spill.

These six vessels are currently sitting in dry dock in Cape Town Harbour and Simon’s Town Naval Base due to a failure by the Fisheries Department to properly manage them. They therefore cannot in containing and cleaning up of the oil spill.

SAMSA officials have indicated to me that although they are doing their level best to contain and clean the oil spill while trying to salvage the vessel on the Knysna coastline, because they cannot use the Fisheries Environmental Protection vessels, their work is made that much more difficult and they cannot prevent the oil from drifting further into the ocean.

Minister Joemat-Pettersson must now break her silence and explain, how, in absence of the Environmental Protection Vessels, she will prevent an ecological disaster.

Media enquiries:
Pieter van Dalen MP
DA Shadow Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
083 655 2203

Michael Mpofu
Research and Communications Officer
071 564 5427

!!!!!  I have previously issued a warning on the 9 th of June 2012 ( almost 400 days ago ) that this disaster is imminent and that SAMSA’s will not be able to fulfil its mandate. Notwithstanding that fact we now have this imminent disaster to ghastly to contemplate. We might not have stopped it but we would have been able to contain it.
Veil of secrecy over marine safety

Pieter van Dalen, Shadow Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries 9 July 2012

SAMSA’s mandate is to ensure marine safety and to monitor oil pollution off South Africa’s coastline. Without an audit, it is impossible to ascertain South Africa’s potential responsiveness to an oil spill disaster.

Pieter van Dalen MP.
Member of Parliament for Helderberg:
Wards 15, 83, 84, 85, 86, 100, 109
DA. Spokesperson on Fisheries
Deputy Shadow Minister for Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries
Preferred mail:
Alternative mail:
FAX: 0867420589
Twitter :
Profile :
Facebook :
YouTube :

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